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Suki Park is a music photographer based in Seoul, KR.


Joined as a photographer officially for music events as below : 


  • Dials Festival 2019 in Portsmouth, UK

  • Chasedae : 1st album King of Dance Showcase 2020 in Seoul, KR

  • Chasedae : Haevichi Showcase 2021 in Seoul, KR

  • A Scene In Between 2021 in Seoul, KR

  • L'Impératrice : Tako Tsubo Tour 2022 in Lyon, FR

  • L'Impératrice : Tako Tsubo Tour 2022 in Brussels, BE

  • L'Impératrice : Tako Tsubo Tour 2022 in Lausanne, CH

  • Jecheon International Music & Film Festival 2022 in Jecheon, KR

  • Sea Girls : Hometown Tour 2022 in London, UK

  • Yin Yin : The Age of Aquarius UK tour 2022

  • Hot Chip : North America Tour 2023 in New York, US

Not only for music photography, I am focusing on create visualisation artworks with my photographs for trying to make a connection between auditory and atmosphere.


Besides, I spend over 10 years for my career as a brand manager in cosmetic industry mainly so experienced various events and led many projects. based on my experiences, I organised a music event called "A Scene in Between" with digging magazine last year.


Afterward I organised one more music event called "Scented Live" with Lush cosmetics. Artists performed music inspired by Lush perfumes, shared their inspirations and behind stories. It was an attempt for strengthen brand position that support subculture by collaborating with indie musicians.




A SCENE IN BETWEEN behind sketch

A SCENE IN BETWEEN behind sketch

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